025: Walk & Talk – On Tuning IN

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024: Kelly Ruta on The Call to Rise

Whoosh. This is a BIG conversation I’m bringing you today and I can’t wait to hear what you think!

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Happy listening!

023: Erin Lindstrom on Being Shiny

Speaking with Erin ALWAYS makes me feel shiny. Listen in and I promise you’ll feel it rub off too 🙂

If you haven’t met Erin yet:

Erin Lindstrom is a Sales Strategist and the Founder of Shiny Bitches, a new-age networking group for positive, conscious entrepreneurial women. Erin helps women make more money with HIGH VIBE sales strategies for business and life.

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022: BONUS EP! Sealing the Uplevelling Deal

I HAD to share this special unscheduled bonus episode with you as soon as I recorded because it’s super timely!

Tune in to hear all about the magic that unfolded for me during my last minute decision trip to The Plaza Penthouse Suite in NYC!

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021: What the Woo?

Woo woo.

It’s a label that comes up time and again among conversations in the online entrepreneur community and in this episode I share my views on ‘woo’ and what it really is/means.

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020: Walk & Talk on Finding Inspiration

I was thrilled last week to have a listener reach out and tell me how much they loved my first walk & talk. So… here’s another of those!

This sees us hit episode 20! I’m sure I heard that it takes 20 episodes before you ‘find your voice’. So this feels like a huge milestone to me.

Let’s celebrate in the FB community!


019: Adrienne Dorison on Aligned Growth

Meet Adrienne Dorison 🙂

Adrienne was someone who came into my world through the wonders of Periscope and her story of how she paid off a hefty 5-figure debt in a super short time period had me hooked.

Adrienne is CEO of Lean Growth Group, consultancy that helps businesses double their results, with half the effort. She’s leading a movement called Good Businesses Do Good™ that focuses on helping entrepreneurs earn more to give more. Her company has personally given away over $120,000 to meaningful causes in less than 2 years and has empowered and equipped her clients to do the same. Adrienne lives in St. Petersburg, Florida with her husband, Tyler, her Bernese Mountain Dog, Church, and their rescue Terrier, Airy.

Tune in to hear us talk about stepping out of ‘security’ in the name of alignment.

Learn more about Adrienne here: http://www.adriennedorison.com

018: Lisa Carpenter on Stepping up for Yourself

Lisa Carpenter is a friend I connected with years ago when the online business world was a much quieter place.

Hearing her speak at this stage in her journey – it’s clear to see she’s a shining example of someone embracing the ever unfolding nature of what we do.

With a book being launched (TODAY no less!) – Lisa is ready to carry on walking the path she’s on trusting that it’s all exactly where she needs to be in each beautiful moment.

Check Lisa out at: http://lisacarpenter.ca/

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017: Karly Nimmo on Living Your Truth

Karly Nimmo is a communicator. A creator. A connector.

She values fun, family and freedom.

And she has some pretty darn special super powers.

Yet, for most of her life, she was completely disconnected from who she really was. Karly spent her life hiding away in the shadows, discounting her unique gifts and constantly seeking out (or hunting down) her ‘purpose’… in addition to validation from anyone who would give it.

In Karly’s words – “I know this sounds rather ‘Disney’, but after all that soul searching and all that external seeking, I came to find I was what I’d been looking for all along. I was everything I needed to be. I was already who I wanted to be.”.

Her journey has been one of dizzying heights (which she didn’t see, or celebrate, at the time) and soul crushing lows (which she definitely saw, and wallowed in).

Karly’s is a tale of how failure defined her, until she defined it.  It’s a tale of throwing a party and no one showing up.  It’s a tale of rejection… and of self loathing. Of mediocrity at it’s least finest. But it’s also a tale of strength and courage. It’s a tale of bouncing back. It’s a tale of bravery, vulnerability and living a life in service. It’s a tale of acceptance. And learning to love someone she’d thought was unlovable. Herself.

Check out her Karlosophies podcast here: http://karlynimmo.com/category/podcast/

016: Susan ferraro on Letting it be Ease-y

Boy oh BOY am I grateful for this woman.

If you haven’t met Susan Ferraro yet – or even if you have – you’re going to be hanging off of her every word in this one.

We talk about Suze’s amazing free class which I ALWAYS show up for – she’s holding it super soon!

Click here to get the deets.

I’m gonna let Suze tell you her own story… tune in closely!