016: Susan ferraro on Letting it be Ease-y

Boy oh BOY am I grateful for this woman.

If you haven’t met Susan Ferraro yet – or even if you have – you’re going to be hanging off of her every word in this one.

We talk about Suze’s amazing free class which I ALWAYS show up for – she’s holding it super soon!

Click here to get the deets.

I’m gonna let Suze tell you her own story… tune in closely!

015: Stacey Harris on Streamlining for Success

During episode 015 I talk with Stacey Harris about all things streamlining to make room for your unlimited success.

This was a conversation that just kept on giving and I can’t wait to hear what you think.

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The Stacey Harris is a powerhouse online entrepreneur helping her clients reach rock star status with communities full of raving fans who follow them anywhere. She has a passion for building and being active in communities and teaching folks to use networking to build relationships that grow businesses.

Her passion for rock stars goes back to her roots, she graduated with a degree in audio engineering ready to take the music scene by storm. She quickly started working with an up and coming record label finding bands to sign and feature on their web radio station. Now returning to her web radio roots Stacey is the host of her own show Hit the Mic with The Stacey Harris.

You can find out more and connect with The Stacey Harris at http://www.thestaceyharris.com and over on Twitter at @TheStaceyHarris.

014: Lindsay Marino on Allowing Intuition to be Your Guide

Sooooo thrilled that you’re about to listen to this conversation!

Allow me to introduce MY mentor – Lindsay Marino.

Lindsay Marino is an in International Psychic Medium, Radio Host, and Author.  During her second day of teaching the 3rd Grade, she lost her fiance, Nicholas, in a tragic motorcycle accident. During this time, her heartache turned into a spiritual awakening and her gift was uncovered.

She started receiving messages and visits from Nicholas. When she received this healing, she prayed to be able to help others connect to their Loved Ones, and that’s where it all began.

Lindsay was one of the few Mediums chosen to train with World Renowned Psychic Medium, Lisa Williams. Lindsay earned her Psychic Mediumship Certification and became a Certified Spiritual Advisor ™ through Lisa Williams International School of Development. She’s also studied with World Renowned Psychic Medium Tony Stockwell.  Lindsay is a Coauthor of the #1 Amazon Best Seller “365 Days of Angel Prayers.”

After 7 years of teaching in the school system, it was time for the next chapter in her life.  Lindsay now teaches others how to tap into their own intuition and connect with Passed Loved Ones, in her online programs “Unlock Your Intuition” and “Unlock Your Inner Medium.”

Check Lindsay out here: http://www.lindsaymarino.com

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013: Rebecca Tracey on Uncaging your Business

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Rebecca Tracey is the head/only honcho at The Uncaged Life where she works with coaches, healers, and consultants from all over the world who want to have the freedom of working from anywhere by running their own online business. She helps people get clear on their brand message, create packages that sell, and helps them learn what it actually takes to get and keep clients online. Rebecca runs a free online community of over 6000 solopreneurs. She started her business while living in a van, and loves rock climbing and riding her bike around Toronto, and rappelling off cliffs with her dog Rhubarb on her back. Find her at TheUncagedLife.com

Join Becca’s FB group — https://www.facebook.com/groups/UncagedLifers/


Uncage Your Business — http://www.theuncagedlife.com/UYB

012: Jenny Shih on Expanding into Making a Bigger Impact

So many juicy nuggets in this convo!

I adore having conversations about expansion, global impact and contributing on an ‘all directions’ basis. THIS conversation ticked alllll of those boxes and I just loved how we managed to explore so many avenues as our chat rolled out.

If you don’t already know her; Jenny Shih is an uncompromising business coach who works with smart entrepreneurs who are fiercely committed to their own success. Step by step, she shows them how to start, grow, and streamline a successful online business without having to work long hours or make huge sacrifices. She believes that with the right systems and strategies, you can make money doing work you love and also live a life you love. Learn more about Jenny at jennyshih.com

To check out Jenny’s live workshop which you can register for at the time of recording head over here: at makeitworkonline.com

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011: Deb LaFlamme on The Winding Road of Entrepreneurship

Here we are at episode 011 of the Business Beyond Belief Podcast. I’m excited to introduce you to Deb LaFlamme.

Not only is Deb a dear friend, she is also a treasured member of my Ascension Mastermind group.

I invited Deb on to talk about her journey this year – it’s a big one so stay tuned!

Visit Deb’s site here: http://www.ftloyb.com

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010: Jenny Fenig on The Faith Walk

We made it to double figures! Episode 010 – or is it episode 10?! I dunno…

Either way – it’s time for you to meet Jenny Fenig. Jenny is a fantastic coach – who coaches coaches (how’s that for meta!?).

Jenny Fenig is a brand strategy coach to spiritual coaches, creatives and healers ready to move to their next level. Through Jenny’s courses, coach certification school, podcast, and bestselling book Get Gutsy, she guides you to cash in on your calling®. Her husband and three children make the journey sweet.

During our interview we talked about alllllll the things to do with the twists and turns of the entrepreneurial journey. It was an absolute treasure of a conversation.

Check Jenny out at http://www.jennyfenig.com


009: Andrea Owen on The Adventures of Becoming a Published Author

What a pleasure interviewing Andrea right before her new book How to Stop Feeling Like Shit comes out January 2 2018.

We talked about the journey to getting published (it wasn’t what you’d expect!), the differences doing it a second time and generally how to stay in the happy place during the ups and downs of entrepreneurship – and LIFE!

Life coach. Author. Hellraiser. Andrea Owen is passionate about empowering women to value themselves and fiercely love who they are.

She helps high-achieving women let go of perfectionism, control, and isolation and choosing courage and confidence instead. You can learn more at http://www.yourkickasslife.com.


“It’s not about the nail!” YouTube video we discussed – CLICK HERE!

Andrea Owen’s own website: http://www.yourkickasslife.com

Pre-Order the new book and get free coaching!: http://yourkickasslife.com/htsfls/

008: Racheal Cook on Letting it be Easy

Racheal Cook is an award winning business strategist who believes entrepreneurship doesn’t have to be so complicated. Through her signature online mastermind Sweet Spot Strategy, she helps women entrepreneurs to simplify business and amplify results by designing a business around what works best, for you.

A sought after speaker on entrepreneurship, marketing, and productivity, Racheal’s work has been featured on US Chamber of Commerce, Entrepreneur on Fire, Female Entrepreneur Association, The Mogul Mom, Smart Passive Income, and more.

She’s also the author of the Amazon Bestseller books Fired Up & Focused and Your Business Sweet Spot.

Check Racheal out at: http://www.rachealcook.com/

007: Hayley Hines on Finding what Makes Your Soul Sparkle

When I met Hayley Hines in March 2017 – I knew I’d hit the friend jackpot. Just being around Hayley makes me feel sparkly.

This podcast interview – we talk about all things related to finding what makes YOUR soul sparkle…. join us 🙂

Hayley is the CEO and Founder of Soul Sparkle, Inc. events and experiences and the creator of the Soul Sparkle Spa and Jewelry Collection. She is a spiritual guide and author of the forthcoming book, Soul Sparkle Living: Your Guide to Creating a Magical Life, and host of Soul Sparkle Radio. Hayley is one part fun fairy, one part wise sage, with a burning desire to bottle up and light on fire all things magical that bring women back to their own soul and their sparkle within.

Hayley spent 20 years in the corporate wellness industry consulting over 200 employer clients, leading strategy/innovation and new product development for a national health management organization. She has her 200 hour RYT in Kundalini Yoga, Tantra, and Power Flow Yoga and is also a Certified Raw Food Chef, a Certified Health Education Specialist, and a Certified Wellness Program Director from the National Wellness Institute.
She has always felt called to help other women craft their own soul centered business, that also makes a global impact. Her vision is big – a million women serving a million women. In October 2016, she left her corporate path and began Operation Gypsy (a dream years in the making). Since making the leap she has literally sprinkled her magic across multiple continents, and has no plans of going back. She is finally living her soul sparkle life of wandering the world, giving back, and successfully running a highly impactful business.