003: Stepping out of ‘Should’ and into ‘Could’

In today’s episode I’m introducing you to something that’s core to the way I live my life.

Catching myself and reframing any time I hear myself say or think that I *should* be doing something and instead make a choice that brings me into choosing something I *could* do.

It feels lighter and more empowered.

Come and join the conversation and tell us where you’re flipping from should to could today in our free community at http://www.businessbeyondbelief.com/yes

002 – Curtailing our Quick Response Tendencies

Episode 002 – after taking ‘drastic measures’ to obtain mental clarity – I wanted to share some thoughts on this.

I talk about how I manage my inbox – which has ALWAYS been a jungle… I always let it get to thousands and thousands of emails and then never want to look at it.

After seeing so many conversations online where people were feeling the same, I decided to share how I addressed my biggest nemesis – THE INBOX!

Permission to respond as and when feels good to YOU? GRANTED.

Come over and join the BBB Community to discuss how you obtain mental clarity.

001 – How Business Beyond Belief Came to Be

Episode 1 – this makes us official – right?!

In this episode I share MY journey of how I built my BBB starting from the very beginning.

Things looked very different then to how they do now – I started with baby carrier/sling obsession that quickly turned into an accidental online business… I’ve had a few changes in direction since then leading me eventually to what you see today.

It felt great sharing my story somewhere concrete – but a little aware of my own voice 🙂

Did you know this story? Any surprises?!



000 – A Real Life Podcast!

Wow…. here we are – episode 000 of the Business Beyond Belief podcast is LIVE!

I’m nervously awaiting your thoughts or just to know you’ve seen it exists 😉

Be sure to say hi once you’ve listened and of course – come on over to the Facebook Group to join the big convo.

How to get Lucky at Business with Denise Duffield Thomas

I’ve talked about this lady A. LOT. in my time online.

Denise Duffield Thomas is the author of Lucky B**** and Get Rich Lucky B****. Her no nonsense, easily relatable style was my first introduction into the whole world of self work, mindset and manifesting my dreams.

Thank the Universe she showed up when she did.

When I had the opportunity to interview her and ask her some questions from my community – I was alllll over the yes’ button.

In our chat you’ll hear her mention her free Manifestation guide. You can grab that HERE.

Watch and enjoy 🙂

Cheers Universe. I get it.


Scary is the eve of Awesome

Trust me dude. I’ve been there.

  • Clammy palms
  • Sleepless nights
  • Nausea
  • Loss of appetite
  • Brain fog




Bleurgh. It’s allllll a part of the package.

And it’s all entirely normal.

Feeling the fear

These pesky little glitches in your bid for entrepreneurial success are simply success blocks in disguise.

They’re there to weed out those who mean business from those who just fancied playing shop.

When the going gets tough – you can bet your vision boarded Jimmy Choos that only the strong, focused and prepared are equipped to leap these hurdles.

Doing it anyway

What sets you apart from the others is how you respond when these blockers are thrown in your way.

As a former platform game-aholic, I like to envisage these blocks as the invaders in my game. Rather than run away from them, I face them head on and show them what I’m made of (bonus points for special move combos are my speciality).

To really enjoy great success, this is something you’ll have to attune yourself to doing on a regular basis and when you least expect to.

Fronting up

So – how do these suckers present themselves?

In a whole wide-ranging variety of ways.

Plus, you can trust me when I tell you that the better you get at recognising them, the trickier they plan their disguises (sneaky, hey?).

*Silver lining alert*: Each time you face one of these fears, you never have to confront it in the same way again. Even better – each time you’re presented with a similar theme or situation, you’re just that little bit more prepared to laugh in its face.

The only choice you have when something scary stands in your way is this:

Look it in the eye and tell it – “I’m not afraid of you”.

You won’t believe it yourself at first – and that’s ok. But the more you say it, do it and feel it – the easier it will become.

Practice really does make perfect.

An important note

There’s a belief that when you reach a certain level of success, fame or fortune that you rise above any type of scary scenario.

I’m here to tell you that isn’t the case.

There will always be scary scenarios – they’ll morph and evolve to expand with you.


Plus… If it’s never scary – you’re not pushing hard enough.

When we feel fear, it’s because we’re stepping outside of our comfort zone. While, those steps won’t always take us in the right direction – generally you can rely on the fact that in order to find out, you’re gonna have to push on through some ick.

Lessons will be learned. Be ready to take notes.

Introducing – The eve of awesome

When you feel those familiar gross signs – anchor yourself in the positive.

Get excited.

Something amazing is on the other side of this feeling!

Even if it doesn’t present itself right away, you can absolutely trust without a shadow of a doubt that ‘scary’ really is the eve of something awesome.

Awesome eve, if you will.

Organise your toolbox – we’re going in

Don’t be scared of feeling scared.

Safe is a nice comfy option, I hear that in full.

But… if you can push through to the other side of ‘Awesome eve’ – imagine how insanely fantastic that’s got to feel.

Think of a time where you’ve felt the fear and done it anyway (sometimes these are ‘have to’ situations like going to the dentist or having a super awkward conversation). In the before zone – you typically can’t see that life even exists beyond the scenario you’re dreading. #headinsand

The reality is that by getting in the zone and preparing, you can allow yourself to embrace what lies ahead with the added hidden bonus of probably attracting a mind-blowingly fabulous outcome into the deal.

Fear busters

I’ve prepared a checklist for you to use when you’re in any kind of situation where you feel bleurgh about what you need to face in your business. Hit the button below and get to work any time you need to flip those butterflies into useful energy.

Take action

Share with me below – when have you experienced first hand proof that scary is the eve of awesome? How did you push through? How did you feel once you’d made it to the other side?

I can’t wait to read your stories!

Here’s to being AWESOME – whatever it takes.



Fantasy Clients – Are they like unicorns?

First and foremost:

Fantasy clients DO EXIST… (lots and lots of them)


There’s more than one, single fantasy client out there. In fact, there’s an endless list of them waiting to work with you.

The more refined and confident you get with how you can help them, the more they will emerge from the woodwork.

When we work for ourselves, we condition ourselves to believe that the clients will eventually run out or that people will stop enquiring about our services.

We truly think that this is a forgone conclusion.

It’s time to change all that.

When we operate from a mindset of scarcity, we believe that we have to say yes to people even when they’re not a great fit.

That, my friend – is exactly where the problems can kick in. But we’re not gonna let that happen to you.

When you work with a perfect fit client for the first time it wouldn’t be over the top to say – things change forever.

Your mind is blown.


  • Instead of feeling like you’re ‘working’ (note the inverted commas), you have a feeling reminiscent of your school days. You know… when you couldn’t wait to hang out with your buddy in the playground and lose yourselves in the latest imaginary situation you’re both favouring…
  • Walking away from every ‘client’ interaction with a feeling of walking on air due to your awesome chemistry…
  • Feeling a tiny bit amazed that it can be this much fun to make money…

When you find the one – you just know. You know?

The beauty here is that you seriously can believe that behind every client that ticks all of your feel good boxes – there are several more just waiting to discover you.

Preparing to Work with Fantasy Clients

This next bit can be scary.

Secret: what I’m about to share is the bit where most people lose their confidence – and ultimately miss out on a very, very good thing.

Deep breath. We’re going in.

In order to make room for your fantasy clients to arrive, you need to do the following three things:


1. You need to screen your new enquiries with care and ensure that you only say yes to the perfect match.


In order to do that – you have to be rigourous with your intake procedure. Instead of viewing the first interactions as an opportunity to prove yourself to them, use it as an opportunity to get to know each other. This has to be an equal partnership. For epic results you both have to be in it 100%.

Bonus tip: Add a ‘where did you hear about me?’ Q to your enquiry form. Take note of the answers there. They’re gigantic clues as to where your fantasy crew are hanging out. Spend more time there yourself and the result should be more perfect partnerships. It really is that simple!


2. You need to form a break up plan for clients who turn out to be the wrong fit.


It’s gross, I totally hear you. Sometimes, you just have to know when to call it a day.

Slogging your guts out with one client can feel like it’s just a part of the way things roll – until you find the flow with a dream fit client. Then the ultra bright halogen lightbulbs flash in your face and there’s no denying – you said yes to the wrong person.

Don’t beat yourself up. But do know when it’s time to break up – and do it with kindness

It would be perfectly natural to allow the doubt to creep in at this juncture. Those old familiar scarcity thoughts try to nudge in “what if you don’t find a client to replace this one?” and “what if this is as good as gets?” being the two most familiar culprits.

If you’re still reading, you should now know the answer to both of these questions.

Keep a folder of dream fit enquiries to look back on in moments of doubt and see that your fantasy people DO want to work with you.


3. Have a celebration as new fantasy client enquiries come in.


Seriously! Ring a bell, scatter digital confetti, take a dance break – whatever feels good to you. Embrace the enquiries and introductions that excite you positively.

By acknowledging the good stuff, you send out the good vibrations that kick off the Law of Attraction principals.

Gratitude is a key player in the magnetic force that we’re creating for you here. Even if it feels kinda odd – keep practising it.

3 Steps to Attracting Fantasy Clients

Hit the button below to grab your FREE copy of my Fantasy Client Attraction Planner. It will be instantly delivered to your inbox ready for you to download and complete.

You’re just 3 steps away from attracting more of your fantasy clients!

Note: I’ve made this so that you can complete it in digi form but for best results, print it out (in colour) and stick it somewhere prominent in your work space. Glance at it often and know that your fantasy buddies are out there waiting to work with you.



In the comments below share your fantasy client experiences. How does working with them make you feel? How do you (or could you) attract more of them?

Download your Fantasy Client Attraction Planner by hitting the button above, then share your lightbulb moments with us here.

I can’t wait to celebrate with you!


Break the Internet – I digi dare you

Blueprints, formulas, secret recipes for overnight six figure success?

It’s time to get real.

You’re (probably) not going to make $1M in your sleep tonight if you just came up with your big idea yesterday.

You’re (probably) not going to grow an email list of 30,000 raving fans in the next three weeks.

You’re (probably) not going to surpass somebody’s success by using their secret formula.


Because adopting these methods, systems and ways of doing things isn’t enough.

To really make an impact in this noisy online world we revolve in – you have to be innovative in your niche.

Disruptive, even.

Ooh… How does that sound?

We’re taught from a very young age how to behave, fit in and mind our manners. Now I’m telling you to heck with that. It’s time to shake things up?

Here’s the thing…

The only secret to epic, huge, dream-like success is that you have to be willing to push past the point where others stop because it gets uncomfortable.

You have to be willing to ruffle some feathers and handle the consequences from doing so.

So the only question is…. Are YOU willing?

Stepping out and up

Take a look around you. I’m sure you’ve observed people launching, celebrating, planning and building the varying stages of their business.

How did it make you feel when you witnessed what seemed like a rapid explosion of success?

Did you pay attention to what triggered you?

What if… instead of feeling doubtful, envious and insecure – you allowed yourself to feel challenged?

Urged to reach higher?

Nudged into taking these systems, blueprints and success formulas you’re bombarded with and blowing them wide open?

Perhaps even finally creating your own unique blend for… inimitable success.

Inimitable success?

This is it. The dreeeeam.

Creating your own formula that no one else can replicate – no matter how hard they try.

Your brand, your values and your one-of-a-kind vibe that only the people who truly believe in your message are attracted to.

Make no mistake. That stuff is where the money is.

Let’s talk straight. This isn’t the polished, manner-minding version of you that knows which fork to pick up first during the 3rd course in a fancy schmancy restaurant. This is the no holds barred, full personality on display, warts and all version of you.

You’re not looking to ‘the rules’ of others because you’re fully focused on creating your own rules as you go. After all, isn’t that the very nature of being an entrepreneur?

Standing in your own light and really allowing others to see you ooze your brilliance.

Does it get better?

When the message is undeniably CLEAR and the passion is flowing, the people who want to work with you flock.

The best part to all this? You don’t even have to do anything to step into this – you already own everything you need. There’s no high ticket course, 5-figure coaching package or far flung retreat that can change or shape who you are.

You just have to embrace it and know that your people are waiting for you to do just that.

Look at your mentors and role models. They’re standing in the spotlight loud and proud.

Sexy, right?

Law of Attraction

We’re attracted to confidence. We’re even more attracted to clarity.

When someone speaks with that sharp definition that only laser cut clarity provides – it’s irresistible.

Remember those feathers? You’re set to ruffle quite a few on your path to greatness. And that’s just as it should be. You won’t please all the people – and you definitely shouldn’t waste your time trying.

Instead – stay tight in your lane. Keep on trucking no matter what and you’ll find that without even trying, you’ll draw a crowd.

Go big. Chase those dreams you’re holding. They’re yours for the taking.

It’s time to break free from hunting out success using the proven formulas of others.

It’s time to carve your own path.

You? You’re set to break the internet with your awesome value and your quirky ways.

Your time is now.

I dare you.

Be you.

You’re beautiful.

Take Action

99.9% of of people reading this blog post will click away at this point. You’re the 0.01% who can feel their brain gearing up to contemplate how you’re going to take on this challenge to shake things up in your niche.

Take a moment, leave a comment below and tell the world – what’s unique about you? What would make people run to you (or from you!) that you’re not already sharing? Bonus points for adding… How can you bring more of that to what you do?



Do you believe in magic?




Call it what you will.

The Universe sometimes moves in the most mysterious of ways.

This week, whilst browsing through my long list of bookmarked websites I wanted to read through ‘one day’ – the weirdest thing happened.

I was fully absorbed in the compelling copy I was reading on the about page of the particular site I was reading. I didn’t know the owner of the site, nor could I tell you how she became added to my saved for later list – but the copy sucked me in.

As I was reading, I saw a notification ping up in the corner of my screen with her name on it.

I was impressed. Presuming this lady must have some kind of system in place where she can detect who is on her site and send them a message I went off in search of the notification.

What I found

I couldn’t find the mysterious notification anywhere. I gave up the search and went off to check my email.

There she was.

Sitting in my inbox fresh as a daisy – an email from the lady whose website copy I had been devouring.

It wasn’t any old email. This was a new website enquiry.

From the same lady whose very website I was just surfing at exactly the same time she was emailing me about a website upgrade?

How is that even possible?

“What’s for you won’t go by you”

My gran used to say that to me. Truth be told, it never really made any sense to me until I grew up and started seeing it in motion.

You don’t have to chase so hard.

You don’t have to figure out the elusive killer recipe for success (there isn’t one).

You don’t have to worry.

When you push – the thing you’re pushing tends to pull away. It’s science. And you can’t fight science.

Instead of all the pushing…

What if you just let go?

What if you just trust that what’s for you won’t go by you?

What if there really is magic waiting to happen?

I’m a believer

Believing is key to attracting the magic.

I truly believe in all things being possible.

Those around me often call me “lucky”. They see me attracting the good stuff into my life and have no idea how I do it.

It’s simple.

I believe that we make our own “luck”.

In reality, I’m no luckier than you, your buddy or your buddy’s buddy. The only difference is the belief that good things are coming my way – and they do. All. The. Time.

Embracing the woo

This isn’t something I’ve declared openly here before – but it feels time to acknowledge this properly.

I’m a little bit of a woo woo fan.

There. I said it.

I love me a bit of visualisation, positive affirmation, EFT/tapping and good old meditation (a work in progress).

Does it make me crazy? No.

Is it scientifically proven? I don’t need it to be.


Just yesterday, I had a call with my business success coach, Michelle. During that call, Michelle asked me if I had a connection to the (uber high profile) entrepreneur, Ali Brown. I didn’t, but told her that I’d be very open to having one. At the end of our session we included it in our visualisation. We imagined me in a room shaking hands with her and saying how good it was to finally meet her…

Today, I had a call with a business buddy here in the UK who was sharing the info about her new global collective for high performing women. Part of their package for the first year includes three journeys.

The first one is in April.

In Paris.

With Ali Brown.


I’ll keep this short and sweet. It’s not my usual type of value sharing – but it’s a message I feel more people could do with embracing.

If you’re open to a bit of woo/’luck’/magic in your life, here’s some great suggested reading:

  • Lucky Bitch, Denise Duffield-Thomas
  • E-squared, Pam Grout
  • The Big Leap, Gay Hendricks

I believe in the power of positive thinking and feel good vibes.

If this stuff works just because it makes me feel good – so be it. I’ll take it. And more. There’s no escaping the fact that as soon as I opened myself up to infinite possibilities – they started finding me.

And I’m just like you.

Take action

Leave a comment below stating your big goal intention. Apparently I’m lucky remember 😉

Set the intention, believe it to be true and keep me posted with what happens – won’t you?

Why You Gotta Back It Up

Listen up.

I am about to share something that every business owner needs to hear right now.

What I’m about to say is one of those “yeah, I know about this…” topics.


In the last fortnight, I’ve had two SOS style enquiries for new websites. Both of these enquiries came from well established business owners who shall remain nameless.

One had a huge promotion on the horizon and a guest appearance on a podcast that has a 6 figure audience. The other had been a content maven for the last 4 years and had over 230 blog posts with tons of comments and shares etc.

Both of them had lost their websites.

Poof. Gone in the blink of an eye and irretrievable through their hosting provider.

The first time I was hearing this story it went a lot like:

ME: “don’t worry! We can get your site back – just send us your latest backup and we can have you back online in a flash.”

CALLER: “Ummmmmm…. we don’t have a backup. We thought our host did them but turns out that’s an extra we weren’t signed up for.”


Surely I wasn’t hearing things right?


Like, NOOOOOOO backup?

Yup. No backup.

Do it now!

It’s not often I urge people to run away from my website as fast as their fingers can carry them – but if you’re reading this thinking – “hell, I don’t have a backup” OR “I think I have backups but I don’t know where they are…” you need to take action immediately.


Imagine what your business would look like if your website was gone tomorrow…

  • All of the content you’ve ever written…? Gone.
  • The copy you’ve sweated blood and tears over…? Gone.
  • The design and layout that took so many hours to get just right…? Gone.

I’m pretty sure it would be devastating. Correct?

Confession: I was hacked!

I used to neglect my own backups. True story.

I had that laissez faire attitude that sites being hacked/lost/broken all got filed under #happenstosomeoneelse.

Then one fateful day – the worst case scenario happened. I received a message from someone saying they couldn’t access one of my blog posts. When I went to find it for them, I was horrified to find that my own content had been entirely replaced with a random story about a knight in a castle…. over and over and over down the page. Every single one of my 127 blog posts had been eradicated.

While I had a backup, it was pretty old. I lost loads of blog content, loads of comments and heaps of social shares.

And I should know better.

The moral of this story being – don’t beat yourself up that you haven’t got your backup situation sorted. Just do it now.

The Good bit -> 3 ways to create a backup of your website


If you have a WordPress website you can use a plugin that makes this really, really easy. There are loads of backup plugins to choose from. Here at Husson Media we use and recommend BackupBuddy. We install it on all of the sites that we develop and build as a matter of course.

BackupBuddy is a really easy way of not having to worry about your backups. You can set a schedule where they can run every day, every week or however often you want them to run.

Tip -> I have automatic backups to be scheduled once a week, but I also run a manual backup every time I hit publish on a blog post.

You can choose to have your backups saved to a Dropbox Folder, an S3 account, they can be emailed to you or they can be stored within your website (not recommended because if your site is severely compromised you can’t access them either).


Some hosting companies take backups as part of your package. Don’t rely on your hosting company unless you know they are taking backups for you AND where they get stored.

Some web hosts will restore to particular time periods for you, others will charge for that service.

Avoid any unknown by taking your own backups or ensuring that they’re being taken care of.


If you are somebody who is into handling files via an FTP client and poking around in a CPanel, etc. you can take your own backups manually.

(This process is typically what’s found when you google how to backup your website and THIS is why people decide to go without. For this reason – I’d refer you back to the first item in this list which is precisely ZERO hassle.)

In order to have a full backup of your WordPress website you’ll need:

  • a full copy of your wp-content folder


  • a full imprint of your database

If you store these somewhere secure they will be all you need if the worst was to happen.

Frequently Asks Questions About Website Backups

Q. How often should you back up your website?

A. You should back up your website as regularly as you feel is relevant to your business. If you are blogging once a week or more I recommend you take a weekly backup. If you are minimal on the sharing of content and you’re really not making too many changes, once a month would be fine. The main thing to remember is that you want to have an up-to-date backup at your disposal at all times.

If you’re going to make a big update to your theme, plugins, or WordPress, take a backup.


Q. What can I do about security against hackers?

A. Unfortunately, a hacker can get through any sort of security. They find new ways all the time. The great thing to know is that if you have backups you don’t need to worry about it! Whatever happens at any point you can restore to that snapshot moment from when the backup was taken.

For added protection I use Sucuri Security on my own websites to make sure I am as protected as I can be. The awesome thing about Sucuri is that they can also fixed a hacked/compromised website. While I’m not advising you use that as your fallback – it’s great to know that it’s there if you need it.


Q. If I switch web hosts, will I need to change BackupBuddy settings?

A. Only if your backups are using your FTP path in your old host to store backups. Otherwise, nope you can just move 🙂


Q. My website is new and really small. Do I still need to worry about hackers?

A. Yes. Hackers don’t discriminate! They’ll go anywhere so it’s still very important to back up your site.


This one is easy – comment below to tell me that you’re off to sort out your back situ RIGHT NOW! Bonus points if you come back and report that you’re all setup. Then we can celebrate your freedom!

Share this with your business buddies – let them thank you later.

Until next time.